Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Politically Incorrect Facebook

The other day I shared a video on Facebook posted by Politically Incorrect Australia to which the below followed:

My Friend: "left wing denial industry". I think there needs to be greater effort to differentiate dangerous Islam from our peaceful Muslim neighbours. Just like you wouldn't say Christianity has a pedo problem, you'd say Catholicism has a pedo problem. We should say Sunni Islam has a death cult problem.

Me: The difference being no where in Catholicism does it say 'molest children,' whereas in any version of Islam the Qur'an is the same Qur'an and is very clear about what to do to people like you and I; even though we hold very different beliefs, under Islam we both die. Of course I'm happy there are followers of Islam who don't actually practice Islam as Islam teaches it should be practiced--just like many 'christians' don't practice Christianity...are these people Christians and Muslims in actuality then? The difference again though is that if the aforementioned 'christian' decides to actually be a Christian in reality and not name only they stop have premarital sex and stop masturbating; if the remaining of the two aforementioned follows suit as it pertains to his own confession of faith and ceases to be nominal he stops eating pork and you and I die, or if we're lucky pay a tax...

My Friend: So you see no value in separating Sunni Islam vs Islam as a whole?

Me: No.

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