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The 10th Ecumenical Council? (Updated on Tuesday June 14th AD 2016)

Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you keep away from any brother who is living in idleness and not in accord with the tradition that you received from us. -2 Thessalonians 3:6 (RSV)
AD 50 - (pre-Ecumenical) - Council of Jerusalem

AD 325 - I Ecumenical Council - First Council of Nicaea

AD 357 - Latrocinium (Council of Sirmium)

AD 381 - II Ecumenical Council - First Council of Constantinople

AD 431 - III Ecumenical Council - Council of Ephesus

AD 449 - Latrocinium (Second Council of Ephesus/Robber Council of Ephesus)

AD 451 - IV Ecumenical Council - Council of Chalcedon

AD 553 - V Ecumenical Council - Second Council of Constantinople

AD 680-681 - VI Ecumenical Council - Third Council of Constantinople

AD 692 - Quinisext Council

AD 754 - Latrocinium (Council of Hieria)

AD 787 - VII Ecumenical Council - Second Council of Nicaea

AD 879-880 - VIII Ecumenical Council - Fourth Council of Constantinople

AD 1272-1274 - Roman Catholic Second Council of Lyons (the 'Union of Lyons' (6 July 1274-1282) of the Orthodox Church with/to the Roman Catholic heretics (their errors were never recanted for union) lasted until 1282, with the death of Eastern Roman Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos and the 'reversal' of his unionist policy by his son, Andronicus)

AD 1285 - Council of Blachernae - The Tomos of 1285/Exposition of the Tomos of Faith Against Beccus - The official statement, or Tomos, of the Orthodox Council of Blachernae held in 1285. This council represents the official  position of the Orthodox Church concerning the Filioque

AD 1341-1351 - IX Ecumenical Council - Fifth Council of Constantinople

AD 1672, March - Synod of Jerusalem

AD 1848, May - Encyclical of the Eastern Patriarchs, 1848 - A Reply by the patriarchs of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem to the Epistle of Pope Pius IX, "to the Easterns."

AD 1920, January - Patriarchal and Synodical Encyclical of 1920 ("To the Churches of Christ Everywhere")

AD 1993, December 8 - Letter to the Patriarch of Constantinople - A letter of protest sent to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeos by the Sacred Community of Mount Athos in regard to the "Balamand Agreement" of 1993

AD 2016, January 21-28 - Synaxis of the Primates of the Orthodox Autocephalous Churches (His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon of The Autocephalous Orthodox Church in America, was not present because he was not invited)

AD 2016, January 28 - Three month old draft document published - Pan-Orthodox Council: Relations of the Orthodox Church With the Rest of the Christian World

AD 2016, February 1 - A priest I know sent me via text message a link to this video - Fr. Theodore Zisis on the Upcoming Great and Holy Council, Part 1

AD 2016, February 21 - Georgian Orthodox Church officially rejects "Relations of the Orthodox Church With the Rest of the Christian World"

AD 2016, June 1 - Bulgarian Orthodox Church Withdraws From Upcoming Council

AD 2016, June 6 - Holy Synod of the OCA Issues Statement, Petitions on the Holy and Great Council
AD 2016, June 6 - Antiochian Orthodox Church Will Not Participate In Pan-Orthodox Council Until Issues Are Resolved

AD 2016, June 8 - Russian Orthodox Church To Hold Emergency Meeting of Its Holy Synod

AD 2016, June 9 - Serbian Orthodox Church refuses to participate in Pan-Orthodox Council

AD 2016, June 13 - Russian Orthodox Church out of Pan-Orthodox Council

AD 2016, June 16-27 - The Great and Holy Council - X Ecumenical Council?

“A division within the Church has never occurred, nor indeed can one take place, while apostasy from the Church has and will continue to occur after the manner of those voluntarily fruitless branches which, having withered, fall away from the eternally living theanthropic Vine—the Lord Christ (John 15:1-6). From time to time, heretics and schismatics have cut themselves off and have fallen away from the one and indivisible Church of Christ, whereby they ceased to be members of the Church and parts of her theanthropic body. The first to fall away thus were the gnostics, then the Arians, then the Macedonians, then the Monophysites, then the Iconoclasts, then the Roman Catholics, then the Protestants, then the Uniates, and so on—all the other members of the legion of heretics and schismatics.”
+ St. Justin Popovich, The Attributes of the Church

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