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Book Review - Orthodox Theology: An Introduction by Vladimir Lossky

This is going to be annoying, so I apologise in advance. When you write a book review on Goodreads, after you publish it, on the top right of your screen you can read "BLOG THIS REVIEW" with "Copy/paste the text below into your blog."

Sounds good: from what I can figure from the statistics overview of this blog, not all those who read it follow what I do on Goodreads, just as not all those who follow what I do on Goodreads read this blog. So just do what Goodreads is giving you the option of doing and blog your review--I need to go study some Greek yet so this'll save me some time.

The problem arises when I follow Goodreads' instructions, the result of which ends up being this:

<a href="" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px"><img border="0" alt="Orthodox Theology: An Introduction" src="" /></a><a href="">Orthodox Theology: An Introduction</a> by <a href="">Vladimir Lossky</a><br/>
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This book should have been called <em>Orthodox Dogmatic Theology: An Introduction</em>, as on the back of the book we read that it was "originally intended as a course in dogmatic theology" and in the introduction we are told again that the core of what makes up this book came from "a journal distributed among the <em>emigre</em> community in Paris, carrying a series of related pieces by Lossky, under the general heading, <em>Theologie Dogmatique</em>."<br><br>If I am to be honest here, though, then this should really have been entitled <em>An Introduction to Orthodox Dogmatic Theology and the Theologumenon of Vladimir Lossky</em>, as a lot of what is in here is Lossky's (or others') theological opinions, and not actual dogma of Orthodoxy; this is not to say that what is said isn't good--it is. There is a lot to take in in this slim book. My best advice is skip (or rip) out the introduction, dismiss Lossky's mention of Meister Eckart, and keep in mind that with his mention of <em>apocatastasis</em> (mentioned twice, I believe) he is in error--well, at least depending upon what he exactly means by his use of the term. And since he is no longer with us, we are unfortunately unable to ask him.
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I told you this was going to be annoying. Well, if any of you know how to help me with this issue please comment below or contact me. Thanks!

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