Friday, 8 January 2016

Aerial Toll Houses (3rd Version, as of Friday 11 March AD 2016)

Here is a list of people that I have found through my own studies--and not from reading what someone else read--who believe the toll houses to be either literal and/or figurative/metaphorical:

circa 580-662 - St. Maximus the Confessor - L
"The Logos . . . reduce[d] to impotence the hostile powers that fill the intermediary region between heaven and earth . . . " -On the Lord's Prayer (circa 628-630
 circa 7th century - St. Theodoros the Great Ascetic  - L & F

b1815-d1894 - St. Theophan the Recluse - L

b1896-d1966 - St. John (Maximovitch) the Wonderworker - L

b1897/1898-d1959 - Elder Joseph the Hesychast - L

b1934-d1982 - Fr. Seraphim Rose - L & F
The Soul After Death by Fr. Seraphim Rose
b1934-d2015 - Fr. Thomas Hopko -  Allegory of a reality?
"Toll Houses: After Death Reality of Heresy?" (audio & transcript)

present day - Metropolitan Kallistos Ware - L & F
present day - Rdr. Thomas Sandberg - L & F

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