Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer Solstice AD 2015

Today is the one year (and one day...) anniversary of my first backpacking trip, and when I look back over the past year I think Iǜe learned alot about nature and myself.

Could I elaborate, yes I could but I using my wife`s chromebook and I dont know how to use this keyboard so Ill end this before I make any further typing errors and continue this topic as this blog continues along, but as for now, I will leave my general thoughts thus far in this regards:

Because of the use of the mind as a tool, when one attempts to transcend that operational tool to reach a higher level of spiritual perception and experience, a serious impasse is reached.                                                                              -Israel Regardie, The Eye in the Triangle 

For me, ultralight backpacking transcends that impasse easily.

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